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Swingin’ Utters | February 11, 2012

Swingin' Utters perform on February 11, 2012 at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, California

A Saturday night at 924 Gilman St. with local favorites Swingin’ Utters headlining is sure to be a good time. Throw in L.A.’s Generators and my pals in Stellar Corpses and things are pretty much going to be off-the-hook! By the time doors opened there was already a line outside and the first band was treated to a great turn-out. For whatever reason, though, the crowd hung back at a respectable 15 feet from the stage for the first three bands. Even a respectable cover of the Descendents’ Bikeage didn’t even crack a single pogo.

What you can see in this picture is the 200 people watching the set from the back of the room

The dynamic in the room totally changed with Stellar Corpses started to set up. All those people lurking in the shadows took about 10 steps forward for a blistering set including a handful of tunes from their new release, Dead Stars Drive-In. The pit kicked into high gear during the set opener, Evil Dead, and didn’t let up throughout the set which meant that the standard horde of ladies in the front row took a few more lumps from the pit and stage divers than normal. Hands-down the best live Stellar set that I’ve seen.


Next up, the Generators from L.A. They had a different line-up than the last time I saw them but put on a great set nevertheless. It took a little while to get the crowd warmed back up after Stellar Corpses but a Cocksparrer cover seemed to do the trick and things got moving again.

I’ve had the opportunity to see the Swingin’ Utters before and they have never disappointed, but they are clearly in their element when there’s a sweaty crowd smashed against the stage and thrashing along word for word. Gone was the hesitation that the crowd had when the Generators took the stage; the half of the crowd that wasn’t there for Stellar Corpses stepped up and, despite the notable absence of Spike Slawson on bass (anyone have the story?) went nuts from start to finish.


  • No Pariah
  • Pills & Smoke
  • Nowhere Fast
  • Taking The Long Way
  • Bent Collector of 1,000 Limbs
  • Sustain
  • Tied Down, Spit On
  • 15th & T
  • Heavy Head
  • Kick It Over
  • Windspitting Punk
  • Brand New Lungs
  • Five Lessons Learned
  • Jackie Jab
  • Teenage Genocide
  • Catastrophe

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