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Posted by on 19 February

The Frustrators | February 18, 2011

The Frustators returned to action with a new EP (Griller) and their first show in 8 years at 924 Gilman St. Why did it take so long? I’m not certain...
Posted by on 17 February

Symbol Six | February 15, 2011

Symbol Six kicked off their Liquor Store Tour with Soul Trash at San Francisco’s Thee Parkside on a miserable, rainy Tuesday night. Originally making their name in the early 80’s...
Posted by on 11 February

forgetters | February 9, 2011

Local openers, Homeowners, kicked off the night. forgetters touring partners, Street Eaters, were up next. When I saw them setting up the drum kit at the front of the stage...
Posted by on 04 February

Motörhead | February 2, 2011

“We are Motörhead and we play rock-n-f***ing-roll.”  Nothing like the understatement of the year to usher in the last song of a pummeling set; Lemmy may not have much to...
Posted by on 31 January

Underoath | January 30, 2011

Supporting their latest release, Disambiguation, Underoath his San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom like a bomb.  After Thursday’s raucous set, much of the crowd vacated the floor, no doubt to escape the...
Posted by on 21 January

Baptized In Blood | January 20, 2011

London, Ontario-based metal band Baptized in Blood first got my attention when they released their song Last Line Lady as a free download.  Their self-titled debut Baptized In Blood features pummeling...
Posted by on 10 January

ArnoCorps | January 8, 2011

ArnoCorp celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a ballsy performance at Slim’s featuring past and present members … three guitar players and three bass players on stage at the same...
Posted by on 10 January

Judgement Day | January 8, 2011

Supporting ArnoCorps at Slim’s, string metal band Judgement Day was the biggest surprise of the night for me. Any metal band with a cello is bound to draw comparisons to...
Posted by on 10 January

A Band Of Orcs | January 8, 2011

A Band Of Orcs continued their quest for domination in an unexpected alliance with the ballsy heroes of ArnoCorps at Slim’s. The sizable crowd, appropriately intimidated by the fury unleashed,...
Posted by on 20 December

Billy Idol | December 20, 2010

If the sold out show at San Francisco’s Fillmore wasn’t an early indication, the performance should have left no doubt … after over 30 years in music, Billy Idol remains...


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