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Emily’s Army | February 18, 2011

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  1. Michelle

    Nice pictures, I wish I could see you guys play only in my city We are like 6 to know you ’cause I live in Montreal, Someday I’ll go see you! and I love Max’s green converse!!! 😀 But My friends and I will keep to listen to your music, you’re so good 😀

  2. Ali

    Oh my gosh love you guys & such good pictures,im gonna use a couple of them and i’ll draw like a big poster,i tag u guys in it on twitter 😀

  3. Jackie

    looks like Joey will grow up just like his dad…god bless him, someone needs to keep the tradition going!

  4. Veronicaaa

    wish i could see you guys play.. but i live across the pacific ocean in hawaii.. sorrehh. i like those green converse 😉 and joey.. i liked your hair blondish xD reminded me of yo daddy.

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