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The Frustrators | February 18, 2011

The Frustators returned to action with a new EP (Griller) and their first show in 8 years at 924 Gilman St. Why did it take so long? I’m not certain but I think it has something to do with bassist Mike Dirnt’s side project. In any case they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder which explains the line of kids standing in the freezing rain before the doors opened in order to secure their spot at the front of the stage for the first show of The Frustators mini tour of California.

Art, Terry, Mike and Jason all seemed relaxed and to be enjoying themselves … certainly a great way to kick things back into high gear with the die-hards up front singing along to the entire set that largely went off without a hitch. As for the setlist, it hit pretty much all of the songs from their two EPs and full-length album as well as a couple of covers (the Cars and Blondie) keeping the kiddos out late with a set that didn’t wrap until 1 am.

You can catch The Frustrators on these remaining California dates:

  • 2/19 The Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
  • 2/20 Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
  • 2/23 “Command Center”, Oakland
  • 2/25 Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara
  • 2/26 Doctor Strange Records (in-store), Alta Loma
  • 2/27 The Troubadour, Hollywood

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  1. Michelle

    Hi Alan! Your shots from this show are amazing! I’m a Canon shooter but man that D700 is buttery goodness in low light!! Great stuff here!

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