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Disturbed | March 13, 2011

By the time Music As A Weapon co-headliners, Disturbed, took the stage hell had already broken loose in Sacramento. Neither getting gipped out of an hour of sleep the night before nor the rainy Sunday night tempered the enthusiasm of the Sacramento crowd. With a stripped down stage set featuring LED screens at the back, Disturbed focused on substance over form.

Back in fine form after a canceled show last month, David Draiman (vocals) prowled the stage and sneered at the fans with his signature intensity as the bodies started flying through the air in the direction of the barrier. Dan Donegan (guitar, birthday boy) and John Moyer (bass) echoed Draiman’s forcefulness. There’s something to be said for leaving the stage antics at home and just rocking the f*** out; with a decade since their breakthrough, The Sickness, that’s all that Disturbed needed to do. Despite several solid follow-ups, the original material still got the biggest audience reaction.

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