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Drive A | March 5, 2011

I first ran across Drive A last year when they were opening for HIM. A raucous, heavy band that somewhat defies being labelled, holding their own in a line-up that screams for attention. Well, Drive A grabbed my interest and I made a mental note at the time to keep an eye on these guys. Almost a year later, an opening slot for Escape the Fate at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom, gave me the opportunity to see them in action again.

6 pm doors for a Saturday night show with five bands may be a tad on the early sign, but putting the first band on at 6:15 didn’t seem like such a great idea. No surprise, as the sounds of Drive A taking the stage floated through the front doors of the Regency, I found myself near the front of a very long line of kids waiting to get in. Nothing like finding yourself outside when the band that you actually came to see has just started … hence I took a little journalistic license in the form of cutting to the front of the will-call line.

Lucky for Drive A, the venue managed to cram quite a few people through the doors in the 15 minutes that they were open and the floor was pretty full and enthusiastic for their set. Bruno Mascolo (vocals) pretty much owned the stage and did what every band in their position needs to do … get the crowd going. Enter the wall-of-death which would have been particularly well-executed if not for the left side jumping the gun … too late for an off-sides call as mayhem ensued for the remainder of their set.

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