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Good Charlotte | March 25, 2011

Good Charlotte hit San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom on their Cardiology World Tour, continuing their support of their 2010 release.

With nearly an hour between the openers (This Century, The Relay Company) and Good Charlotte taking the stage shortly before 10 pm, I was worried that some of the energy had left the room. But as the set time neared and the crowd started singing along to the house music, there was no doubt that these guys and girls were saving themselves for the headliners. While by no means a capacity crowd, the folks that were there were there for one reason alone … Good Charlotte.

After canceling a few shows due to illness, the guys looked and sounded good with Benji singing (and obviously pleased) that he finally had his voice back while Joel cracked that the SF crowd should be thanking Seattle and Portland for the canceled shows. They definitely looked relaxed as they busted out the old and the new and, while I saw a setlist taped to the stage, they sure didn’t act like they were following it. They say that twins frequently complete each others thoughts … not so the Madden brothers who may have had the same thought and said them at the same time finally prompting Joel to tell his brother, “shut the f*** up,” in a good-natured way.

Joel stalked the edges of the stage, visibly amped by the energy from the singing crowd. And while the Madden brothers command center stage, not to be ignored was Paul Thomas’ thumping bass and Billy Martin’s leads … it wouldn’t be a band without those two guys bringing it in a big way.

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