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Korn | March 13, 2011

While it was to be expected that a few people would start trickling out of the venue after Disturbed’s set, the vast majority of the Sacramento die-hards stuck around to see nu metal pioneers, Korn, once again prove their relevance. As 10 pm rolled around, the stage crew quietly peeled the dark wrapper off of Jonathan Davis’ signature H.R. Giger mic stand … the darkness not fooling the crowd for an instant that they were about to be unleashed upon.

First on stage, Ray Luzier began to beat the snot out of his drums as only a single spot lit him and his kit. The lights raised to reveal Davis prowling in with a snarl … taking the crowd back to the beginning with Blind from Korn’s self-titled debut. Munky, sporting his tribal face paint, seemed in his own world as he flailed to the music, dreads in all direction. In sharp contrast, Fieldy smiled and interacted with the crowd from the edge of the stage … probably still pumped from his opening stint with Stillwell.

Davis’ voice was in top form as he spat out the words to Freak on a Leash while hanging tight to his spring-loaded mic stand … looking like it was about to launch into the upper seats of the arena every time he let the thing go and it snapped back into place, impervious to the further abuse that was sure to come. The crowd in Sacramento got handed what Korn does best, down tuned guitars and bass-heavy beats served up on a platter. It’s a shame that with the co-headlining format that they only had an hour with which to shake the fillings loose from my head.


  • Blind
  • Here To Stay
  • Pop A Pill
  • Freak On A Leash
  • Jam
  • Shoots And Ladders
  • Got The Life
  • Alone I Break
  • Oildale
  • Falling Away From Me
  • Coming Undone
  • Twisted Transistor
  • Make Me Bad
  • Thoughtless
  • Did My Time
  • Clown
  • Ya’ll Want A Single

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