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The Dillinger Escape Plan | March 2, 2011

A free lunch time show featuring the Dillinger Escape Plan? Yes, thank you very much for rocking the crap out of the die-hard DEP fans and GDC nerds as well. The spitting rain didn’t slow the band one bit as they initially slipped and slid around the wet floor before gaining their stage legs. From there things only got better; mic stands were thrown, stage monitors were kicked over, and band members bloodied the crowd. But it wasn’t until Greg climbed the stage rigging and walked on the roof of the carrousel did the event people start freaking out. I’m sure the band couldn’t hear the crazed ranting of the local crew as he screamed “no! no! no!” over and over … muttering about shutting it down even as Greg took a flyer off the stacks. The epic craziness of Fight the Power made for the perfect ending of the set. Don’t miss seeing these guys on the road with the Deftones.

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