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The Meatmen | April 10, 2011

Last of the great miscreant rock front men of punk rock (RIP GG Allin & El Duce), Tesco Vee, brought is latest incarnation of The Meatmen to Oakland’s Metro Operahouse where no one is safe. Easily offended? Don’t bother stepping in the door because Tesco and crew brought out their tried and true classics. Maybe the guy in the front row thought he was going to a PETA rally and took offense to the display. Unfortunately he found himself on the wrong end of a gob of phlegm and the bass player’s right hook before being ushered out the door not to be seen again. You’d think age would have slowed old Tesco down but at 55 he’s lost none of that venom by which he made his name nearly 30 years ago. Just don’t take him too seriously and you just might enjoy the show.

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