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Day 2: Punk Rock Bowling | May 29, 2011

Larry and his Flask performs on May 29, 2011 at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas, Nevada

After an epic Saturday night, Day 2 of Punk Rock Bowling kicked off a little slower than the first. Maybe the excitement had worn off a little. Maybe the hangovers were still being nursed. But if you missed out on Larry And His Flask, you missed out on the biggest surprise of the day. Take a bunch of guys equipped like a folk band and let them loose and you get what was without a doubt one of the most energetic sets of the weekend. I’ve never seen a guy rock a stand-up bass like that in my life and am looking forward to catching them again at Warped.

Sure, there were some other cool bands on the line-up but I was singularly focused on one band and one band alone. And while Me First and the Gimme Gimmes certainly primed the capacity crowd with their punked-up covers and powder blue tuxes, there was a singular reason that Sunday nights show sold out first. It was the same reason that a who’s who of punk rockdom filled the edges of the stage as guests … the Descendents. I’ve waited many years to see these guys live and Milo, Stephan, Karl and Bill did not disappoint. They played so tightly that it’s hard to imagine that they’ve only played a smattering of shows over the last decade. Truly an incredible night worth waiting for all these years.


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