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Mayhem Fest 2011 Roundup | July 10, 2011

Day 2 of the annual traveling metal-fest known as Mayhem landed at the Shoreline Amphiteatre in Mountain View, California for a day of all things heavy.  With three stages and a dozen bands, there was something for everyone.

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The big stage had the big names and, with the exception of Machine Head, largely repackaged versions of this year’s tours for the Mayhem audience.  Machine Head kicked things off with the heaviest and most energetic performance of the stage highlighted by new material from their upcoming release, Locust, before handing the stage over Megadeth and a scowling Dave Mustaine as the sun set over Mountain View.  Godsmack provided the most mainstream performance of the day for the gathered crowd as they covered straight-up rock and roll from their self-titled debut through to their most recent release, The Oracle, and did not omit the ever-present Larkin/Erna dueling drum solo. Unfortunately the light breeze blew away Disturbed’s ground-fog effect at the beginning of their set (see pictures from their Sacramento show to see what I’m talking about) but didn’t stop David Draiman from prowling the stage as he stared-down the audience.

More Main Stage Pictures:

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The Extreme Stage was where the real action was this day and it was here that the Bay Area was treated to one of only two tour stops of local legends, Testament, that put on what was hands-down the best set of the day.  Chuck Billy towered over the crowd while fiercely air-guitaring along with Skolnick and Peterson while the crowd erupted into chaos and the photo pit was cleared early for the second and final time that day.  Also of note was the insanity which ensued during Suicide Silence’s set.  Promoting their upcoming release, The Black Crown, Mitch Lucker would accept nothing less than total commitment from the audience to the set.

More Extreme Stage Pictures:

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Heavy-metal super-group Kingdom of Sorrow pretty much owned the Jager stage.  And while frontman Jamey Jasta wasn’t able to stir the pit to the level of epicness of last years brutal Hatebreed set, things got nutty enough for security to clear the photo pit early.  Unearth also brought some high entertainment value courtesy of guitarist Ken Susi and his beer bong.

More Jagermeister Stage Pictures:

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