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KMFDM | August 5, 2011


Industrial metal pioneers KMFDM hit San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom on their North American tour capping off a night of beat-heavy grooves and crunchy guitars. Supported by Human Factors Lab (women with power tools), 16 Volt and Army of the Universe (Italian techno), KMFDM took the stage at just past 11 pm.

Sascha Konietzki and Lucia Cifarelli took up positions behind their respective podiums … tweaking and beating on hidden implements of noise. If you’re catching this band on tour, you better like their 2011 release WTF?! because the band opened their set with Krank and didn’t move into more familiar ground until some eight songs later. I’m always happy to see a band with KMFDM’s longevity to mix it up this way, especially when it’s so easy to cater to the lowest common denominator and make it a greatest hits fest.

The crowd, which had been somewhat subdued early in the set, lit up as Sascha and Lucia chanted “KMFDM” before the ferocious beats of A Drug Against War from KMFDM’s 1993 classic Angst took over and all-hell broke loose for the remainder of the 90-ish minute set.

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  • Krank
  • Amnesia
  • Come On – Go Off
  • Rebels In Kontrol
  • Lynchmob
  • Take It Like A Man
  • Spectre
  • Dystopia
  • A Drug Against War
  • Looking For Strange
  • Potz Blitz
  • Attak/Reload
  • Tohuvabohu
  • Bait And Switch
  • Hau Ruck


  • DIY
  • Megalomaniac
  • Day Of Light
  • Godlike

Check out photos of the other bands on the line-up…

Human Factors Lab

16 Volt

Army Of The Universe

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