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Pepper | October 8, 2011


The Bay Area loves a good party and nothing sets the right tone for that party like a little Pepper. Winding down their Last Calls and Liabilities tour at Oakland’s Fox Theater with local-ish openers (Santa Cruz), The Expendables priming the crowd for what was to be a 90 minute set of the best Reggae the Big Island has to offer.

Pepper took the stage at a prompt 9:30 pm and were met with a thick haze of smoke wafting off the packed floor. A simple stage setup with only rotating paper lantern spots gave the guys plenty of room to work the stage … Bret taking the most advantage of it when not chained to the vocal duties. Someone once said that the fourth member in a three-piece band is rhythm … well, Pepper had the rhythm going on Sunday night and blasted the Fox with some thumping beats which seem to instigate some borderline inappropriate behavior (at least in public) amongst the crowd members.

It was great to see these guys rocking hard.

Supporting acts: Ballyhoo!, The Expendables

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