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The Darkness | February 21, 2012

The Darkness

The Darkness. What’s that you say? The name sounds familiar but you can’t quite place it? The UK band that hit uber-success with that song off their 2003 debut that you just couldn’t escape (I Believe in a Thing Called Love) which was followed by a second album and the inevitable flame-out a few years later. Fast forward to 2012 and The Darkness is back with all of their original members, a reunion tour and promise of new material. Oh .. and a sold out show at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

There’s an easy path for a band in this sort of situation … ride the nostalgia wave with a lackluster performance all the way to the bank. Not so the Darkness. With a 20 some-odd song setlist (including new material and a Radiohead cover) and an energetic performance it’s hard to imagine that anyone went home disappointed. And with the ballsy move of taking Foxy Shazam providing direct support, it’s hard to imagine that the Darkness didn’t come prepared each and every night to hit the stage with their A game.

While it may be billed as a reunion of the original members, the show was clearly punctuated by frontman Justin Hawkins’s performance; he had the spotlight trained on him throughout the night while the rest of the members were mostly hidden in dim washes of light. Sporting some funky facial hair and a stars-and-stripe leather suit, Justin was no less glammed-out than you may have remembered him in the band’s last incarnation. It’s pretty amazing how he manages to hit those high notes that no man should be able to hit and do it in such a way that it doesn’t make the audience wince. And while brother Dan chugged out the riffs, Justin was there with the solos.

Admittedly more relaxed than they were at their previous show in Los Angeles, the guys put it all out there and most certainly left the fans in anticipation of new material.

Supporting acts: Foxy Shazam, Crown Jewel Defense


  • Black Shuck
  • Growing On Me
  • One Way Ticket
  • Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us
  • Get Your Hands Off My Woman
  • Out Of this World
  • Holding My Own
  • Love Is Only A Feeling
  • Concrete
  • Friday Night
  • Hazel Eyes
  • Physical Sex
  • Is It Just Me?
  • Street Spirit
  • She’s Just A Girl Eddie
  • Givin’ Up
  • Stuck In A Rut
  • I Believe In A Thing Called Love


  • Bareback
  • Love On The Rox With No Ice

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