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Korn | March 4, 2012


Korn wrapped up the second leg of their North American Path of Totality Tour at the Warfield in San Francisco, opting for a smaller-than-normal venue as they take a pretty substantial step in a new musical direction. Those in attendance that hadn’t yet given The Path of Totality a spin were probably surprised to find that the supporting acts were DJs (including Jonathan Davis) and while people were polite for the openers, it sure seemed that they were less of the Skrillex crowd and more of the Korn die-hards.

Given the shift in musical style, Korn took a pragmatic approach to their setlist which was designed to expose a substantial amount of the new material while ensuring that the old fans walked away satisfied. They did this by dividing the show in to three sections, starting with classics off of their self-titled debut and Life Is Peachy before moving into a block of five tunes off the new record. It wasn’t until they kicked of the “hits” section of the set with Here To Stay that things got nutty with the crowd … this is clearly the reward that they had been waiting patiently for.

Just because they were playing a smaller venue didn’t mean that Korn was going to skimp on the show. While the production wasn’t up to the level of their elaborate “Oildale” set from 2010 Mayhem Fest, a load of LED screens fit the size of the stage well and the strobe-heavy set probably set off a few seizures. The band was energetic as always although Jonathan seemed to be happier than I remember seeing him … maybe because it was the end of the tour leg or maybe it was the family and friends in attendance (including what appeared to be his son sitting at the back of the stage for a perfect view of all the goings on). Even the Brian Welch replacement was doing some pretty epic jumps despite being relegated to the shadows at the back of the stage.

So what’s the verdict on the 1 hr 25 minute set? Korn chose to walk a fine line between the new material and the old fans. Will the old fans adapt? Will Korn develop an all new fan base? Or will it be enough to keep everyone coming back? Only time will tell whether The Path Of Totality would have been better named The Path of Obscurity


  • Predictable
  • Lies
  • No Place To Hide
  • Helmet In The Bush
  • Narcissistic Cannibal
  • Chaos Lives In Everything
  • My Wall
  • Get Up!
  • Way Too Far
  • Here To Stay
  • Freak On A Leash
  • Falling A Way From Me
  • Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd Cover)


  • Shoots And Ladders / One
  • Got The Life
  • Blind

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