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Behemoth | April 23, 2012


The Decibel Magazine Tour hit San Francisco with a sold out show at Slim’s featuring headliners Behemoth on their first U.S. tour since vocalist/guitarist Nergal Darski’s battle with leukemia. Supporting acts Watain, the Devil’s Blood and In Solitude promised that concert goers were going to get their fill of black metal.

If you never been to a sold-out show at Slim’s, rest assured that you’re in for a cramped and sweaty good time. For this particular show, there was the added pungent scent of vomit, decayed meat, incense and manure (all easily explainable with the exception of the manure) which combined into something very much like what you’d experience in a slaughter house … unpleasant but somehow appropriate for what ensued.

The crowd was polite for the openers but seemed to be equally amped for the impending Watain and Behemoth’s sets. And while Watain may have scaled back the spectacle to fit the cramped stage (no fire and no vomit-inducing flying meat and/or blood), their set was no less sinister than expected. Having beat leukemia, Nergal may be back with a shorter ‘do but with no shortage of energy, delivering a solid set that did not disappoint.


  • Ov Fire And the Void
  • Demigod
  • Moonspell Rites
  • Conquer All
  • 1000 Plagues
  • Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
  • The Seed Ov I
  • Decade Ov Therion
  • At The Left Hand Ov God
  • Slaves Shall Serve
  • Chant For Ezkaton 2000
  • 23 (The Youth Manifesto)
  • Lucifer

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