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FIDLAR | May 11, 2012


FIDLAR … aka “fuck it dog, life’s a risk” … band name and motto all in one. I sat down with Zac (guitar/vocals), Elvis (guitar/vocals), Max (drums), Brandon (bass) after their set supporting OFF! at Slim’s in San Francisco to learn more about the band that writes songs about skating (Zac’s pedal board is a skate deck), surfing, drinking and smoking weed but bristles a bit at being referred to as slackers. According to Elvis, “the slacker thing is definitely a misconception.”

Check out the full audio of the interview below to get the story behind their bizarro online band bio and get the scoop on their upcoming full-length record and touring plans.

FIDLAR interview 5-11-2012

How were they live, you may be wondering? A tight, raucous set that had the crowd moving and Zac dripping with sweat by the end as he flailed around on the stage singing into a tipped-over mic. Certainly not a slacker performance by any means.

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