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Meshuggah | May 6, 2012


A line outside the venue and a “sold out” sign on the box office is usually a good indication that there’s going to be a night ahead. This is what happened when Swedish metal band Meshuggah stopped at San Francisco’s Fillmore on The Ophidian Trek 21012 supporting their most recent release, Koloss.

First up was Polish metal act Decapitated which proved to be the perfect warm-up. Their 30 minute set went by way too fast and by the time they wrapped things up, the floor had filled aside for room left for a healthy-sized pit. Plenty of respect from the crowd for these guys.

Next up was Baroness from Savannah, Georgia which brought a wholly different vibe to the evening … heavy metal jams gave the rapt crowd an opportunity to chill and save up some energy for what would prove to be a brutally heavy set by the headliners. A solid performance and a nice break from the growling vocals of the other bands.

Not even a solid 20 minutes of Rod Stewart’s Do You Think I’m Sexy blasting while the stage was set up could diminish the pump that the crowd clearly felt for headliners Meshuggah. Impatience set in as the set time approached and the audience started chanting for them to take the stage. When Obsidian finally started playing through the P.A., the fists went into the air and Jens, Fredrik, Mårten and Dick planted themselves at the front of the stage and did what they did best … blast pure metal. Two guitars, one bass, 21 strings and a whole lot of heavy.

The crowd appeared to be pretty much all dudes, but every once in a while a female body surfer would pop out of the middle of the fray ride their way to the stage looking none the worse for wear … surprising given the crush up front that caused some guys to pull the rip cord to get yanked out by security mid-set. Short on words and long on music was the theme for the night. What amounted to a 1 hour and 40 minute set didn’t seem like enough for the fans who, despite the severe pummeling, continued to ask for more. I’m certain that a few of those in the front row that stuck it out through the entire show walked away from it with whiplash … the good kind.


  • Obsidian (tape)
  • Demiurge
  • Pravus
  • Combustion
  • Glints Collide
  • Lethargica
  • Do Not Look Down
  • The Hurt That Finds You First
  • Mind’s Mirrors (tape)
  • In Death – Is Life
  • In Death – Is Death
  • Bleed
  • New Millennium Cyanide Christ
  • I Am Colossus
  • Rational Gaze


  • Future Breed Machine
  • Dancers to a Discordant System

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