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The Dillinger Escape Plan | October 27, 2016

With a new album and a farewell tour, The Dillinger Escape Plan are going out on the top of their game. A rainy Thursday night found them at Berkeley, California’s UC Theater along with Entheos, Cult Leader and O’Brother.

While the openers wound the room sufficiently up, there was nothing that could have possibly prepared the crowd for the audio and visual onslaught that ensued when The Dillinger Escape Plan finally took the stage at 10:30. Blasting strobes and the deafening cacophony of Limerent Death sent the room sideways and an unexpected stage dive by Ben Weinman set the tone for the chaos the never let up during their set.

After a show like this, it’s hard to imagine DEP hanging it all up. The tour runs into 2017 so there are still plenty of chances to say farewell.

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