NOFX continues to bounce about the U.S.A. to celebrate their 40 years as a band and (alleged) end to touring including a 2-day extravaganza in Tacoma Washington where the fans lined up early for the free beer and stayed late for NOFX’s epic headlining sets which included full album performances of Punk In Drublic, Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing, White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean, So Long and Thanks for All The Shoes, and The Decline over the course of the weekend along with a smattering of other classics.

Of course there were plenty of bands to keep the crowd occupied as the beer continued to flow while several festival succumbing to the relentless heat to be wheeled away to a conveniently close ambulance. While Sunday seemed to start on a tamer note, those that endured not only got to see a rare West Coast set by Suicide Machines, but ripping sets by The Drowns, Codefendants, Adolescents and and the Circle Jerks.

Of course the weekend was ultimately about NOFX who clearly made it a point to go out on a high night with 30+ song sets each night which most definitely did not suck live.

Day #1



Strung Out

The Flatliners

Swingin’ Utters

Get Dead

The Last Gang

Day #2


Circle Jerks

Suicide Machines


The Codefendants

Bridge City Sinners


The Drowns

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