It was clear back in June of last year when Digital Diversion talked to Argyle Goolsby of Blitzkid that things with the band were very much up in the air. Despite having just put out what is arguably the best album of their career (Apparitional) and lining up a dream tour with Strung Out and Face to Face, Goolsby’s partner in horror, T.B. Monstrosity, had publicly announced his intention to leave the band.

Fast forward a year and the fate of Blitzkid is now clear … the band is calling it quits but not before a farewell tour of the U.S. and Europe all of which is being videoed for a DVD release. With a pair of Bay Area dates on the calendar, it wasn’t hard to decide how to spend the weekend.

Blitzkid cut things a little close Friday night, pulling into the Catalyst in Santa Cruz an hour and a half before their scheduled set time. But when it came time to play, there was no fussing around … they literally plugged in and ripped up. To say that the set was intense would be an understatement; these guys played fast, they played hard and the capacity crowd (thanks in part to local support from Stellar Corpses) was absolutely nuts.

The Gilman St. show proved to be a bit more chill than Santa Cruz. No rushing about and maybe even some time for a beer or two across the street before the show, but that didn’t stop the band from unleashing both barrels on a crowd that included a number of familiar faces from the night before. If the lengths that people have gone to to see this band one last time wasn’t enough, the meager pickings at the Blitzkid merch booth (sold out of all t-shirts except XXL) should have convinced you that this tour (and DVD) will prove to be a fitting farewell.

Check out the photo galleries from each of the shows below. Long live the horror!

The Catalyst, Santa Cruz | July 27, 2012

924 Gilman St., Berkeley | July 28, 2012

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