With a new solo album (Apocalyptic Love) under his belt, Slash returned to the Bay Area with a headlining set at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Unlike his previous release which had a wide range contributing vocalists, Apocalyptic Love features long-time touring frontman Myles Kennedy on vocals, removing any lingering doubt about his role in the band. Add in the backing band, and you have “Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators,” the name featured predominantly on the massive backdrop.

As with previous Slash shows, the setlist runs the whole gamut of his musical career starting with Appetite For Destruction and including Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and of course Slash solo heaped with a good amount from the latest release. With 25 years of memorable material to draw on, the Slash die-hards in the packed house were on top of every song.

Myles is one of the few frontmen out there that can pull this material off for the entirety of a 1 hour 45 minute set. Unfortunately he’s been suffering from bronchitis so bass player Todd Kerns stepped in to pick up some of the slack on vocals for a total of five songs. While a disappointment for the Myles fans (of which there were many in the house that night), Todd did an absolutely legitimate job, the highlight of which was a ferocious rendition of GnR’s You’re Crazy which would have spurred a furious pit had it been a more aggressive crowd.

Despite his illness, Myles really put it all out there and was spot-on throughout most of the set. Aside from a sideways hack mid-way through, most of the crowd probably didn’t even notice he wasn’t at 100% until Sweet Child when he seemed to lose a bit of force. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles fans, the next night’s show at the Wiltern was postponed (you can read the press release here), but that postponement underscores the feat that was performed in Oakland.

While it is a “Slash” show, Slash the Man tends to keep things on the down-low while on stage and focus on what he does best … nailing his signature sound. It wasn’t until late in the set that Slash took center stage for an extended bluesy solo/jam where the rest of the band (including Myles strumming away on a guitar) hung back in the shadows while Slash demonstrated finesse and style. Overall, it was a good night for Slash fans and even the Myles loyalists couldn’t have been too disappointed given the extent to which Kennedy rallied this night.


  • Ghost
  • Standing in the Sun
  • Nightrain
  • Halo
  • Back From Cali
  • Mean Bone
  • Mr. Brownstone
  • Doctor Alibi (Todd Kerns on vocals)
  • Out Ta Get Me (Todd Kerns on vocals)
  • No More Heroes
  • Bad Rain
  • Rocket Queen
  • We’re All Gonna (Todd Kerns on vocals)
  • You’re Crazy (Todd Kerns on vocals)
  • Blues Jam / Guitar Solo
  • Anastasia
  • You’re a Lie
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine
  • Slither


  • Welcome to the Jungle (Todd Kerns on vocals)
  • Paradise City

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