When Reel Big Fish hit San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom in July of last year, it was a mere week before their new record Candy Coated Fury had dropped.  And while last time around, it seemed like a good portion of the crowd was there for Big D, this time it was all about Reel Big Fish, the energy in the room elevating noticeably the moment the lights went down and the intro music started piping through the PA.

Taking the stage promptly at 9:45 pm, RBF was harrier and notably absent trumpet player John Christianson who, it was explained a few songs into the set, was with his wife having a baby.   Never fear, Dan and Matt picked up the slack in the horn section as the band wasted no time diving into the new material with “Everyone Else Is An Asshole”  which clearly had already reached fan-favorite status.

It would have been easy to chalk up the night’s attendance to the die-hards back for another round, yet there was a surprising number of admitted first-timers in the audience … a testament to the solidness of band’s latest release.  While it’s been said before, it’s worth saying again … a RBF show is a full-participation event that puts the fanatic in fan.  It’s almost like you’re not allowed in the door if you’re just going to stand there and watch and this night was no different as, front-to-back, the audience was singing and/or dancing along nonstop … the participation changing song-to-song as the floor transformed from some gentle skanking with “She Has Girlfriend Now” to a seething circle pit for “Hate You.”

The setlist was substantially revamped from last year ensuring, something new for the returning crowd and also included the expected double-down on the new stuff which integrated seamlessly with the old.  This was only the third date into the tour so their are still plenty of chances left to catch them on the road.


  • Everyone Else Is An Asshole
  • Trendy
  • Everything Sucks
  • Your Girlfriend Sucks
  • She’s Famous Now
  • Where Have you Been
  • The Promise
  • All I Want Is More
  • She Has A Girlfriend Now
  • Another F.U. Song
  • Good Thing
  • I Dare You To Break My Heart
  • Hate You
  • In The Pit
  • Sell Out
  • I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore
  • Your Guts (I Hate ‘Em)
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • Beer


  • Don’t Stop Skankin’
  • S.R.
  • Take On Me

Supporting acts: Pilfers, Dan Potthast

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