Nick Hexum of 311 performs on August 1, 2013 during their

311 brought their Unity Tour 2013 to San Francisco with a sold-out show at the Warfield. Relocated from the America’s Cup Pavilion, there were no complaints from the fans who were offered an intimate (and infinitely warmer) show.

The night kicked off at the relatively early hour of 6:30 with a funked-up set by G. Love & Special Sauce who were offered generous 50 minute set which was unfortunately missed by the folks that were still streaming through the doors. By the time Cypress Hill took the stage, the Warfield was stuffed to the rafters and a thick haze of smoke had formed over the floor. Busting through a 50 minute set, Cypress Hill wrapped up with Rock (Superstar) which sufficiently whipped up the crowd, put it on a platter and served it up to 311 to do with them what they may.

311 took the crowd promptly at 9 pm to an impatient crowd chanting, “three eleven, three three eleven” and wasted no time diving right into their 90 minute set.


  • Transistor Intro
  • Sick Tight
  • Large In The Margin
  • Strong All Along
  • Don’t Stay Home
  • Leaving Babylon (Bad Brains cover)
  • Come Original
  • I Like the Way
  • Sunset in July
  • Applied Science
  • Let The Cards Fall
  • Plain
  • All Mixed Up
  • My Stoney Baby
  • Amber
  • Bass Solo
  • Nutsymtom
  • Purpose
  • Jackpot
  • Livin’ & Rockin’
  • Feels So Good
  • Down


  • Who’s Got The Herb?
  • Beyond The Gray Sky
  • Creatures (For A While)

Supporting acts: Cypress Hill, G. Love & Special Sauce

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