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H.I.M. | March 9, 2014

Ville Valo of H.I.M. performs March 9, 2014 on their

H.I.M brought their 2014 US Tour to San Francisco with a Sunday night show at the historic Fillmore.  Neither the early morning Daylight Savings time change nor the prospect of work the next day seemed to stop the faithful HIMsters from lining up early to stake their ground up front on the barricade.

After a widely-cheered opening set by Anathema (who I’m sure can’t wait to return to San Francisco), the energy in the room was palpable and when H.I.M took the stage a smidgen past 9 pm, the faithful erupted.  Clearly appreciative of the response, frontman Ville Vole’s face was locked in a perma-grin as he belted out song after song.  Not that they needed the help, but the crowd sang along to each and every word of the 80-ish minute set that kept the entire place riveted to the floor and literally left women weeping.

Supporting act: Anathema


  • Buried Alive By Love
  • Wings of a Butterfly
  • Right Here In My Arms
  • The Kiss of Dawn
  • All Lips Go Blue
  • Join Me In Death
  • Your Sweet 666
  • Passion’s Killing Floor
  • It’s All Tears
  • Soul On Fire
  • Wicked Game
  • Tears on Tape
  • Poison Girl
  • For You
  • The Funeral of Hearts


  • When Love and Death Embrace

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