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I The Mighty | March 23, 2016

For a touring band, there’s nothing quite like a hometown show. I The Mighty, currently out on the road with Coheed and Cambria, hit The Masonic on Wednesday night for a San Francisco show that proved this axiom of touring.

Following Silver Snakes particularly dark set, the mood in the Masonic quickly lightened as a dozen or so balloons mysteriously appeared and bopped around the general admission floor while ITM ran through the quick change-over, occasionally participating in the fun when an errant balloon made its way on stage.

As soon as the lights went down, things got serious … in a good way. Kicking off the set with Lady of Death, ITM blasted the crowd with a unexpected ferocity that alternated between melodic and heavy. That was all it took to have the 2,000-strong crowd hooked and rocking along as a pit opened up on the floor, apparently fueled by a trio of gents dressed as a unicorn, a cowboy and some sort of mad hatter with a light-up top hat.

The band was clearly stoked to be on the road with their heroes in Coheed and Cambria, frontman Brent Walsh even took a moment to point out his tattoo. But with only 30 minutes available, the band focused on the rock, not the talk … a wise choice in this case. Because by the end of Speak To Me, both the die-hard fans and the uninitiated had their hands in the air, clapping along from the stage to the last row. That’s how you win over a crowd.

Alas, the tour comes to an end Sunday at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado but I The Mighty has promised a headline tour this year and, hopefully, some local shows soon.


  • Lady of Death
  • Psychomachia
  • Failures
  • The Dreamer
  • The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray
  • Speak To Me

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