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Behemoth | May 6, 2016

Polish black metal band Behemoth is currently terrorizing North America on their Blasfemia Amerika 2016 Tour. Friday night found them in front of a packed (if not sold out) house at the Regency Ballroom for a mindbogglingly insane performance that had the room whipped into a frothy, sweaty frenzy from the moment frontman Nergal took the stage to the Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel from the band’s 2014 release, The Satanist.

While the twisted cobra mic stands and stage production may have looked familiar to those that caught Behemoth when they came to town early last year, that’s where the similarities ended. A revamped setlist and a surprisingly-invigorated band sucked ever ounce of energy from the crowd at spat it right back out tenfold. By the time Nergal stepped out mid-set to offer unholy communion to the front row, the band, the crowd and the walls were all dripping sweat.

Between the visual spectacle, the fervent fans and the crushingly heavy music, it’s hard to adequately do justice to a Behemoth show in words. A thousand-headed monster in a pitched battle to destroy itself, Behemoth is a band that must be seen live to fully be appreciated.

Supporting act: Myrkur

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  • Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
  • Furor Divinus
  • Messe Noire
  • Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
  • Amen
  • The Satanist
  • Ben Sahar
  • In the Absence ov Light
  • Ojcze Nasz

–Encore #1–

  • Pure Evil and Hate
  • Of Fire and the Void
  • Antichristian Phenomenon
  • Conquer All

–Encore #2–

  • At the Left Hand ov God
  • Slaves Shall Serve
  • Chant for Eschaton 2000

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