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Failure Anthem | May 2, 2016

With their debut album (First World Problems) fresh out of the hopper, Greensboro, North Carolina rockers Failure Anthem have their eyes firmly planted on winning over new fans with their live show. Currently out on the road with Apocalytpica and 10 Years, Failure Anthem hit San Francisco’s historic Fillmore for a Monday night performance that left the crowd visibly impressed.

I don’t think any band welcomes that 8 pm opening slot … you know, the time when the floor is half full and people are just starting to get their drink on as folks continue to trickle through the doors. From the moment they set foot on stage, Failure Anthem showed that they were not only up for the challenge, but fully embraced it.

Between Kile Odell and Wil Andrews’ searing guitars and JD Eubanks powerful vocals, this is a band that is hard to ignore and the crowd was most certainly paying attention, even before their satellite radio hit, Paralyzed, generated more than a few glimmers of recognition from the crowd. Alas, these opening sets never last long. But as Failure Anthem wrapped things up with I Won’t Say Goodbye, it was clear that they would be leaving San Francisco with some new fans and followers.


  • Straitjacket
  • The Ghost Inside
  • Just a Wasteland
  • First World Problems
  • Paralyzed
  • I Won’t Say Goodbye

On the road with: Apocalyptica | 10 Years

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