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Posted by on 16 March

Korn | March 13, 2011

While it was to be expected that a few people would start trickling out of the venue after Disturbed’s set, the vast majority of the Sacramento die-hards stuck around to...
Posted by on 16 March

Disturbed | March 13, 2011

By the time Music As A Weapon co-headliners, Disturbed, took the stage hell had already broken loose in Sacramento. Neither getting gipped out of an hour of sleep the night...
Posted by on 15 March

Sevendust | March 13, 2011

Atlanta, Georgia based Sevendust brought their A-game to Sacramento, intent on winning over the local crowd. What does that mean, you ask?  Let me break it down for you …...
Posted by on 15 March

In This Moment | March 13, 2011

Poised on top of a pile of rubble and bones and bathed in cool blue light, In This Moment front-woman Maria Brink roared through a set including their recent breakthrough,...
Posted by on 15 March

Stillwell | March 13, 2011

Stillwell was the surprise (at least to me) opener on the Music As A Weapon touring festival. Never heard of them? Me neither. But I did immediately recognize a man...
Posted by on 08 December

Volbeat | December 8, 2009

Volbeat could possibly be the biggest Danish band that you’ve never heard of but that’s about to change.  Having achieved notoriety and success in Europe, Volbeat has come to the...


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