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The Used | February 26, 2013

The Take Action Tour 2013 is nearing an end but not before hitting San Francisco’s The Fillmore with four bands, six lead singers and a portion of the proceeds going to the It Gets Better Project. The kids packed the floor and, while providing a great welcome for We Came As Romans, were clearly there for headliners by The Used which have staged a resurgence after the 2012 release of Vulnerable followed by a Warped Tour main stage slot.

Some clever merch bundling gets you a The Used poster, CD and a meet and greet after the show all for $30. Unfortunately by the looks of things, most people who took advantage of that bundle didn’t think to leave the poster and coat check for the show.


  • Listening
  • The Bird and the Worm
  • Put Me Out
  • I Caught Fire
  • Hands & Faces
  • The Taste of Ink
  • I Come Alive
  • All That I’ve Got
  • Take It Away
  • Buried Myself Alive
  • Blood On My Hands
  • The Best of Me
  • Pieces Mended
  • Pretty Handsome Awkward
  • A Box Full of Sharp Objects

Supporting acts: We Came As Romans, Crown The Empire, MindFlow

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