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Asking Alexandria | December 4, 2016

Sumerian Records brought their “10 Years In The Black” Tour to San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom for what can best be described as the “Sumerian Sampler.” With five bands from the label ripping through 25-30 minute sets, the kids arrived early to catch a 6 pm opening set from Bad Omens that set the tone for the evening that was topped off by an epic headlining set by Asking Alexandria which was made special by the return of Danny Worsnop on vocals.

It was only mid-October when it was announced that Worsnop had reunited with the band and nary a month and a half later, here they all were back on stage together as if they had never been apart. Denis Stoff had proved himself more than worthy on vocals in the interim but was never quite able to match the swagger of Donny. And when when the lights finally dropped as the band was set to take the stage, the capacity crowd broke into a chant of “Danny! Danny!” as a welcome back. Clearly he had been greatly missed.

The set pulled equally from the first three albums and the crowd ate it all up. The floor seethed as the frequent crowd surfers popped up and were deftly fished out of the crowd by security. In spite of all the seats on the balcony, most people upstairs stood for the spectacle. While the tour name alluded to AA’s March release, The Black, the setlist skipped that album altogether. Whether it was because the band wanted to celebrate the return of Worsnop or Danny didn’t have time to learn the new material, it didn’t seem to matter as the crowd sweated to the oldies.

It was great to see Asking Alexandria energize and at the top of their game. Unfortunately, the U.S. tour wraps Tuesday in Scottsdale, Arizona before the band breaks for the holidays.

Asking Alexandria Setlist:

  • Welcome
  • Dear Insanity
  • To the Stage
  • Dedication (tape)
  • Someone, Somewhere
  • Run Free
  • The Death of Me (Rock Mix)
  • Moving On
  • The Road
  • A Prophecy
  • Not the American Average


  • The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)
  • A Single Moment of Sincerity

Asking Alexandria

Born of Osiris

I See Stars

After The Burial

Upon A Burning Body

Bad Omens

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