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Cannibal Corpse | February 8, 2015

Cannibal Corpse

Heavy metal is alive and well! If you were at last night’s Cannibal Corpse/Behemoth co-headlining show at the Fillmore in San Francisco you would know this to be true. Already packed by the time openers Tribulation took the stage at 7:10 pm, The Fillmore was busting at the seams when Aeon stepped on the stage, leaving nary an open spot for one to enjoy their beer without significant risk of spillage.  And if anyone had delusions about how this Sunday night would go, things were quickly clarified early on when someone from the crowd hollered, “play faster songs!”

When Behemoth finally took the stage, the house went bat-shit crazy … the floor packed so deep with pumping devil horns that the pit was pushed to the back of the room.  With stellar visuals and heavy-as-hell music, the only downside of their Sunday sermon was that it was too damn short!

Where Behemoth left off with Satan, Cannibal Corpse picked right back up with the gore. The perfect complement to their co-headliners meant that people stuck around to see the night through as Corpsegrinder and his prolific peddlers of horror wailed through to curfew.


  • Scourge of Iron
  • Demented Aggression
  • Evisceration Plague
  • Stripped, Raped and Strangled
  • Kill or Become
  • Sadistic Embodiment
  • Icepick Lobotomy
  • The Wretched Spawn
  • Dormant Bodies Bursting
  • Addicted to Vaginal Skin
  • Make Them Suffer
  • A Skull Full of Maggots
  • Hammer Smashed Face
  • Devoured by Vermin

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On Tour With: Behemoth, Aeon, Tribulation

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