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High On Fire | August 1, 2015

High On Fire

Touring in support of their latest masterpiece, Luminiferous, High On Fire swung through San Francisco for a hometown show at the Regency Ballroom backed by partners in doom Pallbearer, Lucifer and Venomous Maximus.

The room, which felt downright empty just prior to Venomous Maximus’s opening set, was packed by the time High On Fire took the stage promptly at 10:30 thanks in part to an apparent high number of walk-up ticket sales. Already hot and moist with the occasional cloud of weed smoke billowing from the middle of the floor, the room which had minutes earlier been mesmerized by Pallbearer’s set immediate turned ferocious as frontman Matt Pike stepped up to mic yelling, “we are High on Fire,” before launching into a powerful career-spanning set that left the audience sweaty and sapped of energy.

High On Fire’s North American tour runs through August 23, wrapping up at One Eyed Jack’s in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Supporting Acts: Pallbearer | Lucifer | Venomous Maximum

More on High On Fire: Facebook | Website | Twitter

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