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Tribute to Green Day’s “Dookie” | February 19, 2016

UnderCover paid tribute to Green Day’s breakthrough album, Dookie, with an evening of music at Oakland’s Fox Theater performed by an eclectic line-up of musicians, each putting their own twist on one of the classic tracks. To top it off, the event served as a platform for fundraising activities for 924 Gilman St., the all-ages club where Green Day got their start.

With 14 bands and 15 songs, the event organizers managed to keep the event running like clockwork, videos and speakers filling the time between performances. That might not sound like a significant feat, but with acts including a 90 piece orchestra and a 35 piece band/choral ensemble, there was most definitely nothing easy about it.

The line-up included La Plebe, Skank Bank, Tilt and Love Songs … all bands that should be familiar to the regular Gilman goer. But musical styles diverged sharply from there, reaching an extreme with MC RAI who performed Sassafras Roots in Arabic to a shocked a crowd that still managed to muster a mosh. Otherwise, the songs were recognizable to anyone familiar with the album but particularly impressive were The Fuxedos who completely embraced the song Basket Case in a way that none of the other bands could touch.

The highlight of the show, and the moment that many had been waiting for, came after NVO’s electronic auto-tuned rendition of When I Come Around, when Mike, Billie Joe and Tre joined Oakland mayor Libby Schaff on stage to receive an official proclamation making February 19, 2016 “Green Day Day.” The mic drop by Schaff after reading through the proclamation had the band and the crowd in stitches.

While many had hoped to see Green Day bust out a few songs, it was sadly not to be. When the curtain opened for the encore, the stage was absolutely packed with some 150-odd performers who wrapped the night with Dookie’s hidden track and ode to masturbation, All By Myself.

If you missed the show, there’s still a chance to catch a few of the acts live. Head on over to the event’s Indiegogo page to pick up tickets for an exclusive show at the Nightlight in Oakland on February 28. You can also buy a CD with performances by all the artists here!


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