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Descendents | September 29, 2016

It’s been a long 12 years for Descendents fans waiting for the follow up to 2004’s Cool To Be You but Hypercaffium Spazzinate has proven well worth the wait. And as if a new album wasn’t enough to placate fans, Descendents are also doing something they haven’t done in just about forever … a proper headlining tour! So when the band rolled through San Francisco for a Thursday night show at the Warfield, it came as no surprise that it was a sell out.

As 10 pm rolled around the crowd which had somewhat ignored the opening acts filled the floor. When the lights finally dimmed and the band strolled out on the stage the stokage in the room was palpable. After a quick fix of a technical glitch with Milo’s monitors, the band blasted the room with Everything Sux … the floor immediatly spinning and singing along. Oh yes, it was going to be a good night.

For a band headlining in front of a capacity crowd at the Warfield (~2,500 people), the stage setup was surprisingly utilitarian. If it wasn’t a) a band member,  b) something a band member used to make music or c) someone make sure that the band kept making music, it was not to be seen. Not even a backdrop. While certainly odd in today’s live music, this is par for the course for a band such as the Descendents that’s been doing it there own way for over 35 years. Frankly, a Descendents show doesn’t need any such distractions, just the music and the fans.

In spite of (or maybe because of) all the years together, this is a band invigorated and squarely at the top of their game … musically as tight as can be with Milo nailing the high notes on Shameless Halo and Smile with ease and inspired  enough to take a dive off the stage during Thank You, seemingly catching the crowd off guard before they jumped in with him on the mic.

With 35 songs and two encores, the 90 minute set covered a lot of ground including a healthy dose of Hypercaffium. Wrapping with night with Sour Grapes followed by Spineless and Scarlet Red and Catalina was epic enough to make up for the exclusion of One More Day from the night.

Even if you’ve seen the Descendents of late at one of their festival gigs, you’ve never seen them like this. For a band that “couldn’t sell out a telephone booth,”the Descendents are doing a-okay.

Supporting acts: Modern Baseball | Such Gold

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  • Everything Sux
  • Hope
  • Rotting Out
  • Pervert
  • Victim of Me
  • Silly Girl
  • I Wanna Be a Bear
  • Nothing With You
  • My Dad Sucks
  • Clean Sheets
  • On Paper
  • Suburban Home
  • Without Love
  • Coffee Mug
  • Bikeage
  • Weinerschnitzel
  • No! All!
  • Talking
  • Myage
  • Get the Time
  • I Don’t Want to Grow Up
  • Shameless Halo
  • I Like Food
  • I’m the One
  • Testosterone
  • When I Get Old
  • Coolidge
  • Thank You
  • Descendents


  • Feel This
  • Van
  • Smile


  • Sour Grapes
  • Spineless and Scarlet Red
  • Catalina

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