The Interrupters

Released last year, The Interrupters dropped their latest album In the Wild to critical acclaim. Personal, relatable and catchy as all get-out, it was no surprise that The Interrupters sold out San Francisco’s Fillmore on a Tuesday night after the long Memorial Day Weekend!

Joined by previous tourmates The Skints and Bedouin Soundclash, the groove kicked in early with a healthy dose of British reggae delivered in fine form by Marcia Richards. And while Bedouin Soundclash wowed, those that came solely for The Interrupters didn’t have to wait that long as the bombed the stage a few times during the set to join Jay Malinowski on vocals.

When the house lights finally dimmed as The Specials “Ghost Town” blasted over the PA, the already packed room made a not-so-subtle shift towards the stage in anticipation and the band stormed the stage and launched right into what has proven to be the perfect set opener, “Take Back the Power” which immediately got the crowd moving. Already redlined, the momentum didn’t wane for a second as the tore through classic after classic.

With a new album recently out of the hopper, The Interrupters took the opportunity of having a proper headlining slot to give In the Wild the attention is deserves. That 5 song blast starting with “Kiss the Ground” and ending with “Anything Was Better” showed exactly why they were standing on that stage … deeply person, incredibly relatable and supremely catchy … every single person in the room had their eyeballs glued to the stage even if their feet were dancing. While it’s hard to imagine, the highlight of the night came later with Aimee’s soulful and powerful rendition of the album closer, “Alien,” a seriously mind-blowing moment for even the diehard fans who likely never expected to see it performed live.

The band played a tribute to the late great Terry Hall of The Specials by performing “The Lunatics” and “A Message to You, Rudy” before wrapping the 90 minute encore-less set with “Family,” “She’s Kerosene” and a shower of confetti. Great show top to bottom!

The Interrupters Setlist:

  • Take Back the Power
  • Title Holder
  • White Noise
  • Judge Not
  • On a Turntable
  • Kiss the Ground
  • In The Mirror
  • Raised By Wolves
  • Let ‘Em Go
  • Anything Was Better
  • She Got Arrested
  • By My Side
  • Got Each Other
  • Gave You Everything
  • Alien
  • A Friend Like Me
  • The Lunatics/A Message to You, Rudy (Specials covers)
  • Family
  • She’s Kerosene

The Interrupters

Bedouin Soundclash

The Skints

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