Kreator and Sepultura have teamed up for the “Klash of The Titans” with support from Death Angel and Spiritworld, hitting San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom on the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

The house was already packed by the time Spiritworld took the stage for their 6:30 pm set and when it was hometown heroes’ Death Angel’s turn, the now-steamy Regency went totally bonkers as they kicked things off with “Trashers.” Death Angel made the most of their 40 minutes set which ended with many folks heading to the lobby for some hydration and much-needed fresh air.

Never fear, though. By the time Kreator’s set rolled around the floor was packed again and the San Francisco crowd was more than happy to oblige when frontman Mille Petrozza invoked the Bay Area Thrash gods for an epic wall of death. Their hour-long set covered the catalog from “Flag of Hate” to “Satan is Real” and even included unreleased “666.” While they were able to cover significant ground during their 60 minute set, it was time for the might Sepultura.

By 10 pm sweat was literally dripping from the ceiling and Sepultura vocalist Derrick Green was literally dripping with sweat barely into the second song. All good because the San Francisco crowd was more than happy to sweat along for another ripping hour long set which included a health dose of tunes for 2020’s Quadra as the classics from Chaos A.D. and Roots.

The “Klash of The Titans” Tour heads north to Seattle from here and ends June 10 in New York City. For all you metal fans, this tour is not to be missed.



Death Angel


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