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Flogging Molly | October 4, 2015

Flogging Molly

Already in town for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Flogging Molly made the most of their travel by booking an intimate show at Slim’s. For fans accustomed to catching Flogging Molly on their Green 17 Tour at the Fox Theater in Oakland, the massive semi trailer parked out front on 11th Street underscored how intimate a show was in store for them. Not surprisingly, attendees showed up early and the line was wrapped around the corner by the time the doors finally opened just after 8 pm.

A roaring set by The Hooks warmed up the crowd and when the curtain finally raised, the packed house was primed and already sweaty. A slimmer and hairier Dave King was all smiles as he took the stage, beaming at the prospect of the sort of intimate club show that the band rarely gets to play these days and remarking with a hint of glee, “I remember that pole!” as he pointed to the awkwardly placed column in front of the stage that does the important job of holding up the roof.

As they tore through their 90 minute set, the front half of the room was a seething mass, demonstrating no particular order as the occasional beverage flew across the room. Dave relished every ounce of the chaos, gabbing with or at many audience members throughout the night and occasionally sharing a can of Guinness with the front row. The night flew by and when the set ended, the band stayed on stage and sang along as Monty Python’s Always Look On the Bright Side of Life played over the PA while showering the crowd with whatever beer, water, sweat-drenched towels, drumsticks and guitar picks may have been left on stage. Flogging Molly at their best.


  • Screaming at the Wailing Wall
  • The Likes of You Again
  • Swagger
  • Selfish Man
  • Revolution
  • Guns of Jericho
  • Drunken Lullabies
  • Saints and Sinners
  • Life in a Tenement Square
  • The Kilburn High Road
  • Requiem for a Dying Song
  • This Present State of Grace
  • Tobacco Island
  • Rebels of the Sacred Heart
  • Devil’s Dance Floor
  • Float
  • What’s Left of the Flag
  • The Seven Deadly Sins


  • Salty Dog
  • If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Supporting act: The Hooks

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